Searching for cheap Michael Kors bags? Here’s how to spot a knock-off

Michael Kors bags are one the most popular designer handbags. Designer bags are hard to resist, especially when they are on sale. Going by the knock-off prices at both retail stores and online sales could be too good to be true as there are many first copy designs available all over these stores. Thus, it is necessary to differentiate between an original piece and a knock-off. Buying a first copy Michael Kors bag at cheaper prices instead of the genuine pieces could prove to be a deal breaker.

When looking for a Michael Kors bag, the qualities listed below can be used to distinguished a fake MK bag from a real one:

Original and authentic Michael Kors bags are made of very fine material that are handcrafted with perfection. The distinguishing feature to look for when buying an MK bag is the hanging MK logo. The distinct logo has letters “M” and “K” fused together and the engraving should look neat and clean. The replica of Michael Kors bags feels very solid whereas the replicas are usually made of cheaper metals and sometimes, even plastic.

The stitching should be even, straight, and perfectly aligned and should never appear lose. Large or uneven stitching is a sign of a knock-off. Since stitching takes a lot of skilled and experienced labor, it is one of the hardest part for replicators to copy.

Inside the bag
One of the key advantages for the buyers is that, the replicators only work on the outside of the bag. Hence, you can definitely tell if the bag is authentic or a knock-off once you open and look inside the bag. Original MK bags are usually made of soft canvas-like material that has a leather trimming around the lining. The zippers and seams are always stitched. Unstitched seams and tags are an indication that they are held together by glue. This is another sign of another replica of Michael Kors handbags.

Every genuine Michael Kors bag consists of trademarked squared buckles and fixtures. All bags display square accents with authentic Michael Kors initials.

Do your research
Before you head out to buy original cheap Michael Kors bags, go on their official website and have a good look at the bag you want to buy. Compare it with other websites that are selling the same bags and compare all the features. If buying online, consider buying only from reputed e-commerce websites. Subscribe to their newsletters to keep a tab on latest offers and discounts.
When buying from retail stores, there are specific sale days such as the Black Friday sale and Boxing Day sale. At sale events like these, Michael Kors Bags may be available at cheaper prices.

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