A brief guide for Betsey Johnson bags

Do bags in pinks and purples with bows and sashes appeal to you? If yes, Betsey Johnson bags are your perfect accessory. The quirky and whimsical designs with bold prints in feminine colors makes it apt for today’s outgoing woman.

Founded by Betsey Johnson, an American fashion designer, these bags are best known for her over the top designs with lots of embellishments. She is also well known for doing a cartwheel at the end of her fashion shows.

An element of fun is added in your bags by strapping across a pineapple crossbody handbag or floral print satchel with a big bow. You can even sport a fish crossbody bag and a pancake wristlet. These quirky bags with whimsical designs are showstoppers in their own right. Peruse the online handbags catalog at Betsey Johnson and you are in store for much more.

Wide choice of bags
Tell a woman to go out with just one handbag all through the month and you’ll get the stinky-eye. Accessories are vital to a woman’s wardrobe and the choice of handbag can make or break an outfit.
It is not uncommon to see women choose neutral color handbags for their professional life. However, a few are taking the leap as trendsetters carrying funky bags with whimsical designs. What else could you think of a crossbody melon bag or a bag that looks like a stacked pancake or an ice cream cone.
Well, if you want to make your own bold style statement, Betsey Johnson bags are the right accessory for you. The designer offers you a choice of bags totes, satchels, crossbody, clutches, wallets, wristlets, and other accessories.

Carrying a tote bag
The tote is one the most functional bags that can be carried anywhere. It’s convenient to carry all your things because of its size. Now, you can get them in stylish designs as well. There are indeed a good number of advantages offered by tote bags. Compared to other bags, tote bags are inexpensive. You can find them in all prints, designs, and fabrics. Match your outfits with pretty totes, may be a handful of them that coordinate well with most of your apparel. These are easy-to-carry bags with handles that allow you to wear them as a snug shoulder bag. Some have a 2 way handle; you can carry it like a regular tote or sling it over the shoulder. Tote bags with quirky prints and designs can be carried around just about anywhere. Tall and thin women find it ideal to carry big tote bags as it goes well with their lean frames.

The choice of women’s bags is diverse. You can get a Betsey Johnson bag for under $75. Choose one that matches your personality and body type.

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