Nerves could be at risk due to shingles

A nerve pain caused due to the damage or disease that affects the health of the nervous system of a person. When your nerves have a problem or are damaged, they send pain signals to the central nervous system and you feel the pain. This pain is usually felt as burning, stabbing, shooting, aching, or...


All you need to know about the car book value

Car book value is just another term to convey current value or fair market value of a used automobile. The price of an automobile at the time of purchase is the value of the car at the time of purchase. One does know the worth of an automobile while purchasing it. But owing to depreciation in the va...


Save With Dominos Pizza Coupon Codes

Everyone likes a pizza and they'll like free pizza coupons more. Free pizza coupons are available on different websites. Here, we look at a few of them. Nothing feels better than staying at home and enjoying some delicious pizzas with a hot cuppa. You can also make use of these coupons when your fr...


5 common causes of tingling hands and feet you should know about

The sensation of pins-and-needles or foot tingling that you occasionally feel is quite normal. This is usually caused due to being in the same position for a long time: when you sleep in an awkward position or keep your legs crossed for a long time, the blood circulation slows down leading to a temp...

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