Five popular types of refrigerators and what they offer

A refrigerator is your much-needed companion during summers. Whether you'd like to enjoy some iced strawberries or want to save that last piece of cake for devouring it later, a refrigerator serves all food-preserving purposes. Due to several best refrigerator deals flashing out there, customers oft...


Cooking with bourbon, interesting recipes you can try at home

Bourbon can be used in a number of recipes creatively for a twist in the classic flavor and preparation method. Here are ten interesting variants of the classic dish incorporating some of the finest bourbon. Chilli with a bourbon twist: If you like chili and also enjoy the occasional swig of aged b...


5 essential tips to maintain normal TSH levels

The various bodily functions depend on the appropriate functioning of the organs in our body. Any disruption in the same can cause a lot of damage to the individual. Blood sugar levels, blood pressure, creatinine levels, cholesterol, etc. serve as a parameter which indicates whether the body functio...


How to kill the herpes virus

Genital or oral herpes can be distressing, especially if you suffer from frequent outbreaks. While it may me difficult to kill the herpes virus, the disease can be managed by understanding its nature and causes. Herpes is caused by two kinds of herpes simplex virus; the HSV-1 that usually causes co...

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