What is in it for the brokerage firm

As tempting as the amenities provided by a brokerage firm may sound, ever wondered what’s in it for them? And why and how they can pull off these tempting offers to woo customers? The answer lies in the different types of accounts a brokerage firm has to offer. There are usually three kinds of ...


Understanding the importance of an online tax calculator

Working class citizens need to file their tax returns each financial year. However, citizens need not shoulder a tax burden as they have the right to claim certain deductions or exemptions. This can prove to be a relief. On an average, a citizen’s income tax rate ranges anywhere between 10% and 39...


Coffee pod coupons are a coffee lover’s best friends

Does your day begin only after you've had your morning coffee? You're not alone. For millions of Americans, their morning cup of coffee is the most important part of their day and their coffee pod coupons are something they won't share. There are many different ways you could have your coffee - blac...


Here’s why you must consider opening a checking account today

Checking accounts are aimed at offering account holders easy and quick access to their money. It offers the depositors efficient and accessible means to withdraw their cash for their daily needs. They have also been called demand accounts or transaction accounts in the past. The ultimate selling poi...

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